Strategic Partnership Courses


This is a one-day workshop that is designed for seasoned business professionals and owners who want to understand how they can effectively utilize business-to-business partnerships to grow profits. This course is an executive version of SP1 & SP2.


Strategic Partnering I (SP1)

This action-packed, one-day workshop methodically introduces research-based best practices, tools, and techniques that highlight the expansive scope of B2B partnerships. This course is focused on the first two stages of the 5-tier partnership process.


Strategic Partnering II (SP2)

This information-packed, one-day workshop builds on the tools, processes, and techniques that were taught in Strategic Partnering I (SP1). Learners are equipped with additional tools and knowledge to successfully navigate B2B partnerships. 


Strategic Negotiating (SN)

Learn how to effectively negotiate buy/sell agreements, partnering deals, labor disputes, and customer support issues, among other topics. In this dynamic workshop participants are taught valuable negotiating skills as well as a practical 4-tier framework that will allow you to effectively negotiate agreements of any kind. 


Strategic Partner Leadership I (SPL1)

This one-day course introduces several tools that are integral pieces to the partnering process. The general components of the Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) are covered with specific emphasis placed on the three tactical elements, which includes: Goals, Metrics, and Processes.


Strategic Partner Leadership II (SPL2)

This one-day course builds on the tools and concepts that are covered in its prerequisite course SPL1. The focus of this course is centered on the more strategic (less tactical) components of the Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) which includes: Vision, Teams, and Results.


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