Strategic Partnership Consulting


The art and science of building successful partnerships is a specialized discipline and we can help.

Our team of industry experts will work with your company executives to build and execute a plan that will deliver significant results for your company. Below is a list of core areas that our team frequently engages organizations to help grow profits.

1. Business Growth Strategy

a) Strategic plan for growth (further develop the business)

b) Product/Service/Process Innovation

c) Next competitive advantage - differentiation

d) Path(s) for growth: organic, acquisition, partnering

2. Partnering Strategy

a) Create Strategic Partnering Plan (SPP)

b) Identify Partnering Candidates

c) Introduce Terms of a Relationship

d) Evaluate Partner Candidates

3. Negotiate Partnering Agreement

a) Develop Negotiation Strategy

b) Evaluate & Position Strategic Fit

c) Effectively Bargain Deal Terms

d) Execute Agreement

4. Operationalize Partnership(s)

Implement SPLM Framework for Key Partnerships:  

a) VISION: vision, mission, core values

b) TEAMS: people who will get results

c) GOALS: identify intended results

d) METRICS: what data will be measured

e) PROCESSES: how with teams interact

f) RESULTS: evaluate results and make adjustments

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