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Strategic Partnership Consulting

Grow Your Profits Through Strategic Partnerships

Developing Strategic Partnerships

Partnership Consulting

Our experienced consulting professionals take a hands-on approach to help business leaders grow profits by leveraging the full power of strategic partnerships.

Partnership Courses

Led by Dr. Mark Brigman, in collaboration with other subject matter experts, we offer 6 full-day workshops that will help make partnering become an organizational competency.

Partnership Coaching

Our partnership coaches work with teams and individuals to significantly improve the levels of skill, confidence, awareness, and results by engaging in 6 & 12 month coaching programs.

C-Level Secrets / Robin Todd

C-Level Secrets Interview

January 2019

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Power of Partnership

Dr. Mark Brigman, CEO of Fidelis One, has delivered presentations on the topic of building successful strategic partnerships to audiences across the US and Europe. If you would like to see more videos, be sure to check out the Fidelis One YouTube Channel.



In today's business world, strategic partnerships are the fuel for exponential growth for companies large and small. PARTNERNOMICS not only brilliantly illustrates the unique benefits these business relationships bring but also provides a clear framework for managing and leading partnerships to success.

Successful partnerships are transformative for any business. PARTNERNOMICS offers an innovative, thoroughly researched toolkit for developing and nurturing strategic business partnerships. 

Dr. Brigman's research combined with his C-level background and Fortune 100 experience adds significant value to this essential guide to building and leading strategic partnerships. With his practical and strategic advice, readers realize the full potential of partnership, defying conventional zero-sum thinking.

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